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Who and Why?

Lead by Marek Kriwald, an elite group combine to form a team with over 40 years experience in the conference industry.  We have seen the direction that the speaking sector has taken and have acted to provide industry professionals with the tools they seek.

Speaker Bureau's are moving into niche markets as more and more Event Planners are working directly with Speakers and the Speakers are seeing the benefits of working Direct. is the new way forward. At one time the Speaker Bureau database was a highly guarded secret that enabled them to charge significant levels of commission. Some still do. As Google became popular many of the secrets were revealed, but another problem developed. Finding the perfect speaker on Google, became like looking for a needle in a haystack. solves the problem by providing Event Planners with search tools dedicated to the task. It is also a breakthrough for Speakers who now have an alternative to the ever escalating and expensive battle to appear on page one of Google's search results. It is the ultimate solution to create win-win bookings for Event Planners and Speakers.


Event Planners, Speakers (and their Agents) no longer need to pay unnecessary intermediaries to relay information that could have been communicated more directly and sometimes more accurately.

Direct Messaging enables Event Planners to contact Speakers they are interested in, or heir Agent or PA, the contact is made directly with the Agent or PA. Unnecessary intermediaries are excluded, saving Event Planners thousands in booking fees.

Event Planners are able to ensure that communication is made as they would want it to be, not diluted as it is passed from one intermediary to another

We offer the greatest choice of speakers from around the world and to fit most budgets. You will find motivational speakers, after dinner speakers, entrepreneurs and business speakers, conference hosts, academics, trainers, sports personalities, experts in specific industries and business skills, even specialist corporate entertainment.

Whether you are a Speaker, an Agent, or an Event Planner, get the most out of by registering now.