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Help has a very simple aim; To connect event planners with the Speakers they need and give speakers the bookings they want.

By focusing on keeping things simple we have made very intuative and easy to use and we hope that youenjoy using the site.

We have produced a small a list of our most Frequently Asked Questions. If you have a question that isn't answered here, please Contact us.

We welcome comments you may have about the site. We think it is great, but we would like it to be perfect, so all feedback is important to us.

“Do I need to register with Direct Speakers?”

You can look at most of the site without registering, but to add speakers, or make an enquiry with a speaker you will need to register. We have made it a quick, painless process and don’t worry, your details will not be given to other companies.

“It sounds great, but is there a catch?”

The answer is, There is no catch whatsoever! In the spirit of openness we can confirm that at some point in the future will need to generate some revenue. This may be achieved through a modest amount of relevant advertising and sponsorship, or we may need to levy a small usage charge to Speakers or Event Planners. We do mean "small" and only when usage statistics prove our value.

“Why have you developed the Direct Speakers service?”

As more Event Planners seek to reduce costs, more time and frustration is spent on search engines, trying to find the most direct route to a speaker. cuts through all the vague and misleading search results to put Event Planners in touch with Speakers (or the official Speaker's Agent) far more efficiently, allowing both the Event Planner and Speaker to eliminate the expense of third parties.

“Do you only list speakers?”

No, we include almost any individual, or group who can offer corporate speaking in any of its forms, and entertainers who are suitable for corporate events. We often just use the term 'speaker' for brevity.

“Do you have any advice on how to present my biography?”

Yes we do! Here are some key points –

  • The opening 2 or 3 lines should tell people what you do and why they should book you.
  • State how you are qualified to deliver what you are offering.
  • Explain your style of delivery.
  • We have a section for testimonials, so don’t use biography space for that information.
  • Please do not include your contact details, or links. You will be contacted through our enquiry system.

“Why do you want me to add additional information with my testimonials?”

It is to add credibility and value to your testimonials. The comment may be great, but knowing it was from a senior person in a major corporation adds value. So does knowing that the testimonial is recent.

“Do you have any advice on how to present my video?”

Yes we do! Here are some key points –

  • 2 – 3 minutes should be enough. Over 4 minutes is normally too long.
  • Use footage from a professionally staged environment
  • Make sure that audience response, such as laughter is picked up by the mic.
  • Use your most generic material rather than something tailored for a specific client.
  • Please do not include your contact details, or links. You will be contacted through our enquiry system.

“How do you avoid publishing my contact details on the internet?”

Your contact details are never shown, or sent to any other user until you choose to start communicating with someone via our message system, or respond to an enquiry by phone or email. You have complete control.

“I do not wish to be contacted directly, Can I avoid that?”

If you have an Agent, Manager, PA, or colleague who deals with your work, your enquiries can be directed to that person.

“Can my fee remain confidential?”

Yes, there is a 'POA' option. You would still need to enter an approximate fee, but then you can click the box that will tell us you want it presented as 'POA'.

“I can’t find a speaker I am looking for. What can I do?”

Sorry, please let us know who you are looking for and we will find them for you. Click here to contact us.

“How accurate are the fees shown?”

The fees shown are a guide and we cannot guarantee their accuracy. Please check fees when you make an enquiry with a speaker. There are always variables that may affect the price, such as location and the nature of the brief you provide.

“The speaker has not responded to my enquiry. What should I do?”

Please try again and stress the urgency, or forward your enquiry to us at support.

“How do I add all the speakers that I manage?”

Register, login, go to 'My Account' and then you can start to add speakers. Only add the people you manage. If you have more than ten to add, please contact us and we will arrange to help you upload the data