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Major Chris Hunter (QGM) (SPK02111)

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Former British Army Intelligence Officer, Bomb Disposal Specialist and Author. His highly captivating story about the world's most dangerous job in the world's most dangerous places makes for a compelling and incredibly moving event.

Major Chris Hunter joined the British Army in 1989 as a sixteen year-old army apprentice. He trained initially as a Russian linguist working in defence intelligence and after four years of enlisted service was selected to undergo officer training at the Royal Military Academy Sandhurst. He graduated at twenty-one, was awarded the Carmen Sword of Honour and was commissioned into the Royal Logistic Corps (RLC) – the route that would eventually lead to his becoming an Ammunition Technical Officer (the British Army's counter-terrorist bomb disposal operators).

By the time he arrived in Iraq in 2004, Major Chris Hunter was one of the most experienced counter-terrorist bomb disposal specialists in the British Army. In fourteen years, he'd seen active service in the Balkans, East Africa, Northern Ireland, Colombia, and Afghanistan. But Iraq was different...despite being shot and wounded in an ambush just four days into his tour, he and his team became so successful at disabling insurgent bombs, that the bombers ended up placing a price on his head and designing bombs specifically for him.

He also deployed a number of anti-terrorist arrest operations in the UK and was the architect of the UK's EOD response to a suicide bomb attack on the UK mainland. Later, he played an instrumental role during the July 2005 London bombings when he was seconded to the British Government's COBR-A as a suicide terrorism expert.

For his actions during his Iraq tour Chris was awarded the Queen's Gallantry Medal by HM Queen Elizabeth II. His citation read: 'There can be few other individuals who have so willingly played Russian roulette with their own life to safeguard the lives of others'.

Since retiring from the army as the MOD's senior IED intelligence analyst, Chris has become the director of Kratos, a counter-IED consultancy company, training members of the US Department of Defence and providing specialist consultancy services in the UK and overseas. He has also written the acclaimed memoir Eight Lives Down and embarked on a successful career as a free-lance writer and motivational speaker. He is a regular contributor to the BBC, Channel 4 and CNN news stations, has an impressive international speaking reputation and continues to expand his TV, radio, and media experience. His highly captivating story about 'the world's most dangerous job in the world's most dangerous place' makes for a compelling and incredibly moving event.

Chris is renowned for his passionate and enthralling motivational speeches. His natural style and exuberant spirit allows him to set an audience at ease whilst keeping them mesmerised and on the edge of their seats throughout the course of the presentation. His unique and inspirational story offers a powerful message. Delivered with humour and heartfelt emotion, the audience enjoy the lighter side of his experiences, whilst being encouraged to question their own focus and leaving them with a heightened sense of purpose and a greater understanding of how to achieve their goals.

Compelling, Motivational, Passionate, Inspiring, Engaging, Humorous, Un-phased, Leader and Team-builder.

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Chris was a great speaker and extremely interesting to listen to. He spoke of risk in a way our guys would never have thought of, and really engaged the audience. For the first time ever I don't think I saw one person reach for their blackberry in a whole hour!"

Oliver Wyman Ltd

Chris was an excellent speaker and I was totally engaged throughout. Despite having worked in such an extreme and diverse environment, his style of delivery and humour made it easy to get real learning from how to cope with pressure and keep motives to take back to the corporate world. Highly recommended"

BDO Stoy Hayward

The overwhelming opinion is that Chris did a great job.

The group found his topics very relevant and his presentation style very effective.

It's usually a tough audience so I think that speaks well to Chris' presentation.

I would have no hesitation to recommend Chris to any group.

Canadian Bomb Disposal Seminar