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An accomplished After Dinner Speaker, Willie Allan, uses humour with great effect, not just to amuse and entertain his audience, but to encourage them, in a thought provoking way, to look at their own skills, as effective communicators.

As a School Teacher in the east of Fife, Willie Allan has drawn a considerable amount of source material from his experience of working with young people.

He describes his technique and delivery style as the 'disruption of expectation', designed to stimulate fresh ideas and viewpoints amongst the audience. Effective communication lies at the heart of his presentations. His anecdotes, whether true or apocryphal, focus on the need for communication techniques to be used in the business world.

Through a deep understanding of the needs and demands of his pupils and the working relationships that must be established for effective learning, Willie explains the benefits that a sympathetic, client centred approach will deliver. He suggests a number of techniques that can be used to develop people's natural strengths and achieve positive results.

A keen sportsman, Willie played rugby with Dunfermline Rugby Club, until serious injury forced him to give up the game. He has since concentrated his efforts in coaching.

His main influences have been his father and grandfather – both miners - and his mother, who owns a rather quaint cocktail bar at the centre of Dunfermline called The Bruce Tavern, named after Robert the Bruce. 'The Bruce' has proved to be a rich source of material!

With almost two decades of experience on the after dinner circuit, when it comes to chairing a function Willie Allan has gained a reputation for being one of the best in the country.

His ability to think on his feet when chairing a function means that your event will run smoothly and seamlessly.

Willie Allan's auctioneering style is in many ways unique. He describes it as "legalised extortion" and consequently he has raised thousands of pounds for many charities and organisations.

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There is no other person in the country could have extracted more cash from the audience. I am still in a state of shock at the amount of money that you managed to extract from the Matrons of Edinburgh and Glasgow!

James Thomson OBE

(Edinburgh Restaurateur)

Few other speakers could match your delivery, or indeed content, and the whole assembly were enthralled and overwhelmed with your hilarious stories. Some laughed so heartily they were left gasping for breath.

Energy Industry Council

It was your motivational session which proved to be the highlight of the evening and provided us all with much to think and indeed laugh about. Your views on personal discipline, people management skills, leadership and motivation in the workplace were particularly interesting and valuable to us all.

Director and General Manager

(Balfour Beatty Construction Ltd)