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International bestselling author of 'Jungle', (over one million copies sold), a true story of survival against all odds in the Amazon rainforest and the subject of a Discovery Channel documentary and now a feature film in production, Yossi Ghinsberg is one of the most celebrated inspirational speakers of our time.

A business motivational speaker and a riveting storyteller, Yossi leads audiences to a deep state of listening. This allows them to relax and enjoy but also experience and process the content of his message within their own professional environments. Thus, they are able to immediately integrate the learnings into their working lives. Yossi has worked with such organizations as BP, Citibank, Qantas, IBM, Hilton, BMW, Proctor & Gamble, Fuji Xerox, Telstra, and Bayer.

Yossi draws from his rich life experience as a daring explorer, survivor and visionary entrepreneur. Reflecting on his harrowing experiences, Yossi moves his audiences through insights and realizations that result in deep transformation.

Yossi grew up in Tel Aviv. He served three years in the Israeli navy, during which time he lived with tribal Bedouins in the Sinai Desert. He later studied business and philosophy in academic and authentic environments. Ten years after almost losing his life in the Amazon, he returned to the Amazon river valley that was the site of his remarkable adventure and made it his home. Yossi was instrumental in the creation and construction of Chalalan, a model eco-tourism village that inspires the Amazon basin and the world to this day.

During this time Yossi organized two national reunions of all tribes to inform them on issues of intellectual property and their rights and roles in the fight over resources in the Amazon. His efforts and work contributed to the creation of the Madidi National Park, the largest biosphere conservation belt in the Amazon.

The next phase of his life was spent in what he calls the 'field of agony', dedicating seven years to the treatment, rehabilitation and reintegration of opiate addicts throughout the world.

Yossi has also initiated various business ventures and published two books. Yossi has been involved in grassroots efforts for reconciliation and healing in the Middle East. He has recently founded a new interior and landscape design label collecteco, which represents his commitment to ecology, his connection to nature and his respect for indigenous cultures.

Good motivational speakers have led an extraordinary life or, at one time or another, found themselves learning vital lessons from extraordinary circumstances. They have had to call on reserves of courage, determination and self-belief in order to succeed and sometimes to simply survive. This much they have in common.

But for a motivational speaker to go from good to truly great, for a speaker to be able to offer their audience an extraordinary experience, they must have the ability to dissect their life lessons and translate the knowledge into an entertaining and touching keynote that is relevant and accessible to a modern business audience.

This is where Yossi is extraordinary.

His experiences of a fight for survival are astonishing, but more amazing is his storytelling ability. Practical messages such as self belief, finding the strength to face unforeseen challenges and innovating to stay ahead of the pack are seamlessly interwoven into his stories. Yossi's stories capture audience attention and deliver powerful and often hidden learnings.

Yossi has been booked by many of the world's leading businesses and has shared the stage with speakers such as Bill Clinton and Richard Branson. Such jobs have come his way because of his gift for motivational storytelling.

Audience members say Yossi leaves them with a lasting sense of being able to overcome any challenge and achieve anything they want. Isn't that the point of booking a motivational speaker?

So remove the element of chance when it comes to booking a keynote speaker. In Yossi's hands you know your audience will be entertained whilst receiving a lasting inspirational message of meaning.

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I just wanted to say THANKS for the incredible presentation you gave in Monte Carlo for the Bayer European Conference. The presentation was amazing -- guests were riveted to your story, understood the parallels you drew regarding their own lives, and ultimately came away with a very memorable experience. You are also one of the easiest people to work with I have ever met! Thank you for your flexibility and sensitivity to the needs of event producer! I am especially appreciative of the time you put in to fully understand the specifics of this symposium and audience.

Jeff Kalpak


Yossi, you paint with words.


I haven't experienced that level of total engagement with a speaker at any of our summits.