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Billy spent 20 years at the top of his field in arguably the most gruelling and demanding sport there is – Boxing. During his professional career he won British, Commonwealth, European and IBO World Boxing Titles.

One of the most consistently brilliant fighters Britain has ever seen, Billy's sharp skills, courage, determination and grace in the ring attracted a huge fan base. His engaging personality and ready wit made him a favourite amongst other boxers, promoters and the media.

Billy is a reflective and engaging speaker who demonstrates honesty and intelligence. These qualities have led to him being sought out by various journalists to contribute to radio discussions, feature articles and opinion pieces on a breadth of subjects.

Actively involved in many charities since 1991, Billy finds a great deal of fulfilment in positively contributing to the community and people's lives. He is currently working towards establishing a foundation to give children and teenagers the opportunity to create and live their dreams.

Billy will entertain, inspire and motivate any audience. In fact, he's so confident that his clients will love the results that he is happy to offer a 100% money back guarantee to those not completely satisfied.

Through sharing his own amazing story, Billy shows audiences how to take their performance to the next level and encourages them to push their own boundaries to produce extraordinary results. Using his experience in Business and Boxing, he discusses the following areas:

• Thinking like a Winner: How thinking and state of mind directly influence performance.

• Train to Win: Success is created through having clear goals, together with Discipline, Dedication and Desire

• A Fighters Team: Winning is a one man fight, supported by great teamwork

• Learning from Defeat: How challenges and setbacks provide the opportunity to identify and develop what is missing

Billy is happy to explore any opportunity. Currently, he enthrals audiences at conferences, sales team workshops, corporate and customer hospitality events.

As a motivational speaker, Billy's impactful presentation relies heavily on his personal journey to the top of one of the most physically and mentally challenging sports which culminated in his winning British, Commonwealth, European and IBO World Boxing Titles. The skills, determination to succeed and above all motivation are all part of Billy presentation as he encourages your staff to:

• Become a part of a stronger, more highly motivated team

• Managing self-limiting beliefs

• Empower themselves as individuals to achieve success

• Improving the way setbacks are managed

• Thrive in challenging situations

• Viewing change positively

Motivated staff are crucial to a company's growth and long term objectives, especially in these challenging business times. As an experienced motivational speaker Billy takes pride in tailoring a bespoke program to each client's needs and objectives.

A World Champion Sportsman who has achieved success at the very highest level and is prepared to share exactly what it took to get there is without doubt a motivating, and even emotional, experience for all attendees.

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